Finding Chaya was never meant to happen. There were no plans to create a ministry to help Christian women explore what a full life looks like. In fact, I wish Finding Chaya didn’t have to exist. My prayer is that one day it won’t need to.

Finding Chaya is for the Christian woman who finds life hard. Let’s call her Zoe.

Zoe doesn’t feel like she fits in at church. She’s not quite the same as everyone else. And that’s not just true for church. Her friends don’t always get her style choices. She’s as happy reading Vogue as she is watching Star Trek. Florals and team sports aren’t really her thing. She’d much rather be reading and wearing Doc Martens.

But there is one place Zoe fits in. Or rather, one person Zoe fits with. Jesus. Whether she’s reading her Bible, praying, or taking part in worship, these are the moments when Zoe feels most herself. The only question is, how does she take that feeling into the rest of her life?

Finding Chaya is here for the Zoes. For the women who just get confused by life. Because let’s face it, this life is pretty confusing. And unfortunately the Bible doesn’t give us straightforward directions on how to survive it 21st Century style. There are no “Top 10 Tips” lists or “How To…” videos in the Gospels.

But that doesn’t mean that we’ve been left with no help. The Bible is full of all kinds of help on how to live a full life. The only thing is that it is timeless so it’s up to us to figure out how God calls us to live in the 21st Century (with a “little bit of prayer” of course). From Deuteronomy to the Gospels, via Psalms, Paul’s letters, and every other book in the Bible, God has given us all the advice on how to live a full life.

It’s all in there. From resting during your period and celebrating all food through to why modesty isn’t about clothes and how staying fit can be a form of worship, it can all be found in the Bible. Because that is the beauty of God’s Word. It is not just for inspiring ministers’ sermons and new worship songs. The Bible was given to us to help us explore and figure out what a full life really looks like.

Finding Chaya is for those of us who want to see what the Bible has to say about this full life. Along the way, there will be green smoothies and chocolate mousses. We’ll laugh together at Star Trek references and cry over issues of sustainability. But amidst everything that a full life is, we’ll be finding out what God intends our lives to look like.

And that’s what Finding Chaya means. To find life. Just a bunch of confused women turning to God’s Word to figure out what the life He gave them is meant to look like.

Crowdfunder Thank You

I’d also like to say a quick thank you to everyone who helped to fund this website, via our CrowdFunder campaign in 2018. A particular thank you goes to: Lucy Locket, Jenny Irons, Steph Walton, Jack Cray, Catherine Honor, Georgia Hill, Annabel Penny, Mahnoor Khan, and Beth Saunders. (I hope you liked your rewards!)