We’re into March at last. Spring is in sight. Sure, January was long and February was stormy but the snowdrops are appearing and daffodils are trumpeting in yellow. It’s a time to start thinking positive again, indulging in sunlight, blue skies and general spring-merriment.

However, I don’t want us to start pretending that January and February just didn’t happen. What a waste of 60 days that would be! The answer? To look back on all the good things that have happened in 2020, relishing in them and thanking God for them. 

To kickstart our new positive outlook (or should that be a positive look back?), here are five good things from 2020 so far…

1) Reading More

I’m reading so much more at the moment. Part of this is from using Audible, which I’m counting because they are books even if it is in a different format, but largely I’m actually reading more. Novels, memoirs, retold-legends, graphic novels, history books, “religion and spirituality” (is it just me who hates the vagueness of that genre?), I’m just happy to be reading again. It’s definitely stretching my brain and engaging my creativity in ways that TV just can’t (no matter how much I love Once Upon A Time and Smallville!)

5 Good Things In 2020 So Far -
Returning Dark Age by James Wilde to the local libary. Caption: Loving my local library a little more every month!
Loving my local library a little more every month!

2) Sharing Dreams and Ambitions

I recently took leave to work on my writing. Not just for this blog but to see if I could write something I’m happy to submit to another website. THIS IS TERRIFYING because you are being judged. Telling my friends that this was my plan and that I want to be a writer (not sure in what way) meant I had to stick to it. I was now accountable to people who weren’t laughing at me but who took this seriously as something I want to do. 

3) Sharing a Photo Everyday

Over the Christmas break last year, I read #HashtagAuthentic by Sara Tasker. Though I have yet to work through the tasks in it (must move on to the second one), it has left an impact in one huge way. I’m now sharing a photo a day on my personal Instagram. Even during the periods when I have intentionally taken a break from social media, I’ve still taken a photograph each day to save up for when I’m back online. I can’t tell you how much this has changed my outlook, from how I photograph something and what it is through to my purpose behind the photograph and its caption. Plus it is really weird noticing what people like. Often the photographs that are the most meaningful to me are the ones that get the least attention!

4) Praying

I’m in the process of finishing Red Moon Rising by Pete Grieg and Dave Roberts. It is the story of how the 24/7 Prayer movement started. The book is brilliant and encouraging and unsettling. Though I’m questioning a lot after my initial enthusiasm, it has definitely reignited my prayer life. Praying is slowly becoming more than something I do at set times or when I’m in the appropriate quite place. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 talks about praying continuously and I feel like I’m starting to inch towards that… towards a beautiful, honest, grateful, questioning, seeking conversation with God that never really stops. 

5 Good Things In 2020 So Far - 
Reading Red Moon Rising by Pete Grieg and Dave Roberts. Caption: Addicted to the presence of God? I'll have some of that, please!
Addicted to the presence of God? I’ll have some of that, please!

5) Running Socially for Fun

Parkrun and my local Running Club’s social runs are becoming in key parts of mental/emotional health as well as my physical health. Honestly, I couldn’t say what it is but when I don’t get to a Tuesday night or a Saturday morning, I really can tell that I’ve missed out on something. I once heard Glen Scrivener compare Parkrun to churches; I think he’s on to something. It honestly is a similar feeling to missing church. Though I know that running is not necessary for the salvation of my soul (considering my speed, a very good thing too), running socially is starting to become necessary for my health. Yep, an introvert just admitted she needs to spend time with people doing an actual thing.

So those are five good, or even excellent, things from 2020 already. I could probably have added more to the list but you would have gotten bored I suspect. Yet knowing that I have started 2020 with a foundation of good things makes me even more excited to see what is ahead.

What Are Your 5 Good Things So Far In 2020?

It’s your turn now. I would love for you to share five things that have been good for you in 2020 so far. It can be literally anything from an idea or thought through to an object you own. Start your own positive outlook with a positive look back at five things that have already happened in 2020.

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