At Finding Chaya, we love a podcast. So, to spice things up, we are throwing in the occasional conversation on here between Katy and her friends. From discussing what modesty is through to looking for Jesus in our favourite stories, Tangents with Finding Chaya is a chance to have the conversations that might not matter to everyone but do matter to us. (And to be super sporadic as we do it)

This time, Katy is chatting with her sister, Steph. The podcast is called Tangents because Katy never stays on track. This is even truer when talking with Steph. While the aim is to discuss how three different characters in Lord of the Rings can be a metaphor for Jesus, that doesn’t mean they can’t continue an argument from their childhood. Honestly, it’s worth a listen for the giggles alone.

You can find Katy on Twitter: @findchaya_katy
You can find Steph on Twitter: @stefwalt95

Let us know what you think about using Lord of the Rings as a way of explaining Jesus to people.

(Don’t forget to say if you’re #TeamAragorn or #TeamLegolas)

Tangents with Finding Chaya: Finding Jesus in Lord of the Rings