What I Learnt During Lent

What I can confirm is that I am more aware than ever of how easy it can be for idols to slip into your life; to make anything a small god, or dolly as my minister calls them. TV is one I’m now cautious of but I know there will be others.

6 Questions with Ellissa Baird

The best way I know to take up arms is with the Word of God. Starting my day in God’s word and on my knees is the best way I know to fight the battles in this life. Also, surrounding myself with Godly community has been essential to my own walk with Christ. We were never meant to fight alone!

Easter Sunday

Preparing for Holy Week and sharing my thoughts here on the blog, I thought it would be Good Friday that I would struggle with. After all, that is the dark day when our Saviour died in the most painful way possible. Surely that should be the hard one to write about...

Good Friday

Good Friday has come around again. Purposely wearing black to church, as I walk in to the service I’m aware that it is equal parts memorial and celebration. Today, almost 2,000 years ago, my Saviour died. He died so that I wouldn’t go to hell. He died so that I would not spend eternity cut off from my Father and King. He died rather than see me die.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a brilliant example of why knowing scripture is so important. Like, SO SO SO SO important! Let’s start with this piece of liturgy and work out from there. Yep, I know I just said scripture (a..k.a the Bible) was the most important but trust me on this. You see, originally all liturgy was based on the Bible and designed to help normal people to learn from God’s word. All of that makes it a pretty good starting place.

6 Questions with Less Waste Laura

This week I’m putting Laura in the hot seat. She’s an Instagrammer followed by literal thousands, runs a blog, and is pursuing further study to make sure she’s got the qualifications to back up what she’s saying. Laura is on a mission to change the world for the better, and she wants us to join her. Having chatted on Instagram about the environment and faith, I knew I had to introduce her to all of you. So here are Laura’s 6 answers…

What Happened to Christian Fashion?

If you were a teen in the Christian/church culture of the Noughties, you probably went to Soul Survivor, New Wine, Spring Harvest… even conservative ones like the Keswick Convention. Now, part of going to these big Christian was that there was a marketplace of some kind where we could pick up everything a good Christian needs. Not just Bibles and books. These marketplaces, which were sometimes just one supposed book shop (we’re looking at you, Wesley Owen circa. Keswick Convention 2004) or sometimes 20+ stalls, also sold clothes!!!! Like I said, everything that a good Christian needs.

Notion of Mercy: Why Grace isn’t Enough

But grace is not the whole of God’s character. Think of it like a coin with two faces. On a British coin, we have the queen’s profile on one side and then another image on the other. They are different yet part of the same whole. While God’s character is infinitely more complicated and multi-faceted than a coin, this is a fantastic place to start from when describing mercy and grace.