When a Bleeding Woman Dared Touch the Messiah || Women, Periods, and Jesus

Jesus healed a woman who was suffering from problems related to her menstrual cycle.

He didn’t skip over the fact that she is ill because of bleeding. Instead, Mick did something I never dreamed I would hear in any church. He used it as a chance to show that Jesus did not allow taboos, or even laws around what was unclean, to stop Him from doing good. He did not condemn the woman for touching Him before rushing off to make Himself clean. Instead, Jesus healed her of something that had, unfairly, separated her off from society.

You could accuse Mick of bowing to the demands of feminism and #menstrualrealism. Then again, I will confess to being all for menstrual realism and smashing that particular taboo. So it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that this part of Mick’s sermon really got to me. That he used it as an opportunity to challenge us over how we responded to women and girls struggling with menstrual-related problems was incredible.

6 Questions with Esther from Mat&Est

“6 Questions with…” is an opportunity for women and girls everywhere to share something about their passions and lives. (It’s also a fantastic excuse for me to be really nosey and learn more about the incredible women I admire.) This week I’m putting Esther from...

Pentecost – An Unheeded Call to do the Unexpected

Every year Pentecost is a reminder that the Church started when a bunch of unassuming, and scared, people did the unexpected in faith. They stepped out, knowing that God had their backs. Don’t let their actions just be part of a fun story about how the Gospel began to be spread across the world. This reminder is a call to us to follow in their steps. To do the unexpected, knowing that God’s Holy Spirit is with us all the way.

Summer 2019: Books, Podcasts, and Music Recommendations

According to every blog, podcast, vlog… and basically any online creator-content-thing, summer is THE SEASON for recommendations. Not themed recommendations, like Christmas or Easter, but just general recommendations. For some reason, probably the longer days, we feel like there is more time to indulge in slow activities. Suddenly there is time for reading those books you’ve been piling up; listening to the podcasts that have been waiting for you; and having spontaneous dance parties.

Because all three of those activities are highly, highly, highly at Finding Chaya, I am jumping on the recommendations wagon. (Spontaneous dance parties are a regular occurrence!) But because I’m only one person, I didn’t just want to give you “my recommendations”. That would be way too opinionated. Fortunately I have some fabulous girl friends so I’ve asked them to share their top picks for Summer 2019 too.

So here is our crowd sourced recommendations for Summer 2019…

Ascension Day

You see, today is almost more important that Pentecost. In fact, I would go so far as saying that if the particular event we remember today had never happened then we would never have had Pentecost. You see, today is Ascension Day. Also known as the day when Jesus went up (/ascended) to heaven. The impression that we are given from the Gospels, like John 14v15-31, is that the Holy Spirit would not be able to come in the way that we know it while Jesus was still here. Seeing as how Pentecost is as much about how the Holy Spirit first moved amongst the disciples as it is about what the disciples did, it appears that Ascension Day had to happen first.

Motion of Mercy

Anyone else round here hate having a crush when you’re almost 100% sure that your feelings are not returned? I do. I hate having those feelings. I hate to be so filled with “love” and longing and lust for that particular person. I hate how pathetic it makes me feel, as if I can’t survive without being in some kind of contact with them. I hate how readily I give up, seeing no point in trying to even be their friend because I am so pathetic.

Introducing Home for Good

Introducing Home for Good I can’t remember when I first heard about Home for Good. I do remember being amazed and relieved that they existed. From my late teens, I have wanted to either adopt or foster. I don’t know if the seed was planted when I watched Tracy Beaker...

Drowning, Not Dying: When God is not a Happy Pill

Just like Katherine, I feel that many testimonies toady have to have a ‘happy ending’ yet mine doesn’t. My testimony ends with the realisation that I will struggle with suffering and temptation for the rest of my life, in a zillion different forms. Yet I have also realised that God is not a happy pill. I have allowed to begin accepting that not having a holy, happy life does not make me a failure.

What I Learnt During Lent

What I can confirm is that I am more aware than ever of how easy it can be for idols to slip into your life; to make anything a small god, or dolly as my minister calls them. TV is one I’m now cautious of but I know there will be others.

6 Questions with Ellissa Baird

The best way I know to take up arms is with the Word of God. Starting my day in God’s word and on my knees is the best way I know to fight the battles in this life. Also, surrounding myself with Godly community has been essential to my own walk with Christ. We were never meant to fight alone!