Remembrance 2019

To a Tommy on Good Friday (2007) On this day, so long agoone man died so you may live.We celebrate his deathwith joy in mourning. How come then, when you diedso many could live free,one day is celebratedthrough mourning in mourning. Surely you deserve a wakedown...

Why Have a Statement of Faith?

While all our content will not always discuss the Bible or our faith as Christians, they are very much the foundation to this blog. So whether we are discussing unconditional love in Harry Potter or why second breakfasts are brilliant, everything is built on the truth of the Bible. The Nicene Creed just happens to be a concise but detailed way of explaining what that truth is.

Harry Potter and the Millennials – But What if There is a Better Option?

In the last post, we spent almost 2,000 words discussing Harry Potter and why it is loved so much. Ultimately, it all came down to one thing: our need to be recognised and to be loved. We want to save the day but we also want to be saved.

Unfortunately, all J.K. Rowling can offer us is a fantasy world captured between the pages of a book and the reels of a film. When we realise that, the world becomes a duller place without the bright colours of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. So what would if I told you that there was a better option than the Wizarding World?

Harry Potter and the Millennials – Why do we love the Wizarding World so much?

There are a lot of books out there about children who have a specific destiny or appear to be “chosen”. Sometimes they are a group, like the Pevensies in the Chronicles of Narnia, and sometimes they are solo, like Percy Jackson in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. But for some reason, they haven’t struck the same chord as Harry Potter did. The orphan with a lightning bolt scar, who lived in the Cupboard Under the Stairs and found out he was a wizard, captured the heart of a generation. While adults did read the books, it is those of us who grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione who have kept their story alive.

What the Bible Says About the Body || Whole Self

As Christians, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our bodies. We spend a lot of time thinking about the state of our hearts, minds, souls, but not the physical miracle that we carry them around in. So as I start a new series on what the Bible says about the different parts of the self listed in The Greatest Commandment (bible reference), I thought I would start with the body.

Hate Bananas? || Creamy Smoothies the Way You Want Them

God gave us bananas and cauliflowers and mangoes and peas as food to nourish us. However, the fact that He made it taste so good and that it features so much in celebrations suggests that He probably wants us to enjoy it too. So while this post was called “Hate Bananas?”, I don’t want you to hate this smiley yellow fruit. If you don’t like it, then use an alternative that you do enjoy. If we need to eat and drink to survive, then we might as well eat and drink what we enjoy.